Saturday, January 10, 2009

Best article/blog I have ever read....

Business Requirements are Bullshit

Came across this blog when looking into a local Dallas company Viewzi and their more or less inactive twitter feed.
Full of humor and lots of good quotable nuggets:
Ideally the product you're building for yourself should be simple to describe, so that other people can quickly evaluate whether they, too, want this thing. It's often called the "elevator pitch", because you should be able to describe the product in the time between when the cable snaps and the elevator hits the ground. "Dissolves dog poooooop!!! " It used to just be the time for an elevator ride, but those investors keep raising the bar.
When you're trimming the business requirements, then you're exhibiting healthy project behavior. This contrasts directly with gathering requirements, which has both the connotation that you're clueless about the product and the connotation that you're inflating the requirements list in direct conflict with schedule, usability and fashion. Trimming: good. Gathering: bad.

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