Saturday, December 29, 2007

Old Year Resolutions

This year was a bust. I tried and failed. I put myself in a bad environment and got stuck trying to do the impossible. I lost confidence in my own abilities as a productive individual and as a team player. So much for illusions of grandeur, it's time to get back to the basics.

Do or do not there is no try.

You'll have to forgive the very cheesy line, but it describes very much the solution to my number one problem of thinking and not doing. Call it indecisiveness, choice paralysis, procrastination, or even apathy but it's a problem that needs fixing.

(And also an explanation for why this hasn't been updated in two months.)

There are distractions no doubt, but if distractions are getting in the way of my goals then these distractions are poor excuse for not planning properly or not being committed to the goal. This I can reverse by adapting my plan to accommodate or mitigate these distractions.

< insert wise quote from some dead/fictional person about how admitting to your mistakes and failures is the first step in moving on >

And of course, I need to admit that there is a problem with meeting a goal as well. I hate the idea of giving up and moving on from a failure is necessary if I am ever to accomplish any future goals. This is not saying that I should throw in the towel every time I hit a roadblock, but I definitely need to put more thought into how I reevaluate things. On top of this I need to loosen the filter on my own though process. I crave criticism at work yet my own criticism comes in two types nonexistent or overly sarcastic. Got to work on that constructive criticism.

It's all common sense, but then again most things are with hindsight.