Thursday, November 6, 2008


Recently purchased ''. The grand plan is to set myself up with a solid personal site and then make some business cards... Timeline for that was supposed to be about two weeks but alas, no such love. I have been trying to play around with to host it, but all in all it's not a very pleasant experience. It's ok for creating a dead simple intranet, but customization is a set of limited set of fonts and colors + widgets.

I guess I am just too much of a techie and would love to tinker with all sorts of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Which presents a problem for a white label intranet intended for the non-technical user. On the other hand, it's free and paying for a traditional web host just isn't worth it for me.

I found myself going to an Android Dev Camp, less for being interesting in Android itself (although it is interesting...) but more for checking out this local Dallas company called Big in Japan which does some really interesting things in entrepreneurial itch land. Which is really where the whole "I need business cards" decision came about. Stupid 'ole me forgot the currency of networking is business cards.

I am just shy of 4 months from the 2 year mark at my current company so it's about time to start thinking about career again, do some networking, figure out what options I have.

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