Monday, September 22, 2008

Humor Me

I often hear people rag on the Daily Show quite often, but the fact of the matter is behind all of the silliness there is a giant pile of truth which the big news networks are threatened by. Watch any news channel for 30 minutes and see if you get any idea about what actually happened, whose involved, and what their motivations actually are.

It's just a constant stream of headlines, about 30 seconds of talking to an on site reporter, and then onto the next one. Quite frankly it's all replaceable by RSS feeds or a 30 minute commentary by a bunch of comedians. So what if this is the only place people get their news, there is as much content in the humor filled commentary as there is in the streaming headlines.

I don't really care what the political pundits have to say, they almost all have their allegiances and try to put their spin on it. So quite frankly, I'll take my spin with a dash of humor.

Anyways, below is part of the interview that inspired this post. Questions I have always wanted asked are getting asked, and actual answers came out of a political leader's mouth.

At about minute 3 is when the real conversation starts. At minute 8 there is a true gem and we hear quite possibly the most straight forward debate regarding the 'War on Terror' I have ever heard on television. And you know what, it actually makes sense. No bull shit, no talking points, no fear mongering, no liberal bias, just an actual conversation.

It's a glimmer of hope to see an actual political conversation instead of cover-your-ass press conference.

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