Friday, February 8, 2008


I don't know when this happened, but I am now an over achiever.
Apparently I've been one for quite some time, but I just realized it today. All I do with my time is think about work, work related things, or things that are work that I'd rather be doing than the current work. Where's the fun? Where's the video game addiction? Where's the drunken partying?

Apparently they've all been replaced by what I call the 'Entrepreneurial Itch'. I don't know why I didn't see it coming sooner, I mean I've always been brimming with ideas, but now I'm actually figuring out how to do them... That is some scary territory right there, the stress of figuring out if it's going to work, what happens if it fails... I am now surrounded by what ifs yet I completely ignore them.

Put simply, I love the fearless pursuit of ideas. I almost feel like a spectator in my life because of the crazy suspense I experience waiting for what might possibly be next. I need to salt my optimism with a healthy dose of skepticism or I could wind up getting completely ahead of myself. Not that I'm not already, but a little patience in learning and thinking about what I need to do to get things done will carry me a lot further.

I think that's what has changed in the past few months; I'm getting better at learning patiently
and not recklessly all at once or just diving in. Now I just need a time machine to learn how to do that some 20 some years earlier.

Of course if I could invent a time machine to do that, wouldn't that change my past and thus potentially alter whether or not I invent a time machine? (Now if only I could learn how not to ask so many impossible to answer hypothetical questions)

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